Searching for the Paranormal Searching for the Paranormal
While filming a spirit summoning ritual performed by a native tribe in Malaysia, we ended up trapped in the middle of an unfamiliar jungle... Searching for the Paranormal

As a camera person by profession, I have been involved in many filming projects throughout my career, but none were quite as challenging in terms of embracing the unknown as being part of The Paranormal Zone film crew. As the title suggests, The Paranormal Zone, which is in its 4th season, involves searching for unseen beings and doing detailed research into the unknown. Being on the crew has convinced me of the existence of otherworldly beings and it can often be unnerving on set.

There was one particular incident when we were filming a spirit summoning ritual performed by a native tribe in Malaysia. As the ritual was done at nightfall, we started trekking into the jungle at 7 p.m., and were guided to the ritual area. Carrying heavy film equipment while trekking in the wilderness for 20 minutes under dim light was truly a tough task, but we eventually arrived at our destination safely. Unfortunately we were unable to capture anything on film and only managed to record some strange sounds. We soon called it a day, disappointed that we didn’t get anything interesting and followed our experienced guide out of the jungle.

The trek felt particularly long. It should have only taken us 20 minutes to get out of the jungle but we walked in circles for over half an hour. Wondering what was going on, we checked with our forest guide who said that oddly, he couldn’t find the way out. Being a native of the local clan, he added that there was a possibility that we had unknowingly offended the jungle spirits.

We were stunned. Were we really trapped in the middle of an unfamiliar jungle with no idea how to get out? Worse, the trek home had been filled with mishaps – some crew members had fallen and injured themselves, while others had been stung by large insects. Worried for our safety, Phng Li Kim, the host of The Paranormal Zone took her Protector String (which was blessed by Dorje Shugden in trance), burned it and we all started praying to Dorje Shugden for a safe journey home. Not long after finishing our prayers as though a veil had been lifted, our guide located the way out and led us out of the jungle safely.

I was already a Dorje Shugden practitioner then, but experiencing his help firsthand during such a crucial moment showed me how instantaneous His assistance can be. This is just one of the many experiences that I received Dorje Shugden’s protection.

Jace Chong

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  • Wei Theng

    Posted on February 17, 2017 #1 Author

    Thank you Jace for sharing your experience. Dorje Shugden helps us swiftly when we requested especially to protect us from the negative energies. When my family and I go travelling, we will normally wear the protector string, protector pendants or ruel with us.
    Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha.


  • Sofi

    Posted on February 17, 2017 #2 Author

    Oh wow! I have heard of being blinded by supernatural beings when in the woods or at haunted locations. Sometimes these beings will lead the people off course and into dangerous situations. It must have been scary in such a dark and unknown conditions where the guide who is familiar with the land is also helpless. Good thing that Li Kim had the Dorje Shugden protector string with her and took the right actions to lift the veil. Dorje Shugden is so swift in his help and more people have the opportunity to meet with his practice to receive his protections. Thank you for sharing this amazing testimonial with us Jace.


  • Wah Ying

    Posted on February 26, 2017 #3 Author

    Thanks Jace for sharing, reading your story make me feel like I am witnessing or expriencing the scary experience myself! Yes Dorje Shugden could and always give immediate help to those pray to Him, saving them from danger. May your sharing helps more connected to Dorje Shugden, the Prptector of our times.


  • Fong

    Posted on March 4, 2017 #4 Author

    I believe every word that you said. It reminded me of the stories my late father used to tell us of his logging days in the virgin jungles; of days when he and his crew couldn’t find their way out throughout the night until he apologized to the local spirits and got out of the jungle mils away from where they entered it. That, too, was the turning point for my father who until then did not quite believe in the unseen.

    It was very fortunate that Phng Li Kim remembered the teachings of Rinpoche and carried a protector string with her. This tells me that Dorje Shugden can and do come to our assistance swiftly. We should not doubt his protection in times of need.

    Now, I make sure that I always carry a protector strong and some blessed rice with me.


  • Stella Cheang

    Posted on March 7, 2017 #5 Author

    It must be terrifying being trapped in the jungle in darkness and having members of the crew suffering from mishaps. Thankfully Li Kim acted swiftly using Dorje Shugden’s protector’s string and recite Dorje Shugden prayers for protection and guidance. Dorje Shugden helps us swiftly, especially to dispel negative energy, evil spell, disturbance from ghosts and spirit. Thank you, Jace, for sharing this story with us.