Struggling Against Spirits Struggling Against Spirits
There was a male spirit pressing down on me; I struggled but was not able to move my body at all. When I chanted... Struggling Against Spirits

Lord Dorje Shugden’s practice was introduced to me more than 15 years ago, and my family and I have been protected by Him since then. In fact, Dorje Shugden helps us all the time. One incident happened last year. I was admitted into the hospital because I was infected with the dengue virus. I stayed in the hospital for more than a week in a twin-sharing room.

There was a particular day when my platelet count dropped as low as 12. I was feeling very weak and nurses were on standby to look after me because if my platelets were to drop any lower, I would have to be admitted into the ICU. That night, after my friends left around 10.30pm, I was tired and fell asleep.

Not long after, I dreamt that there was a male spirit pressing down on me. I struggled but I was not able to move my body at all. I told the spirit to stop disturbing me but the more I said it, the more pressure he applied on me. I became very angry in my dream and I started to chant “OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA”. By the time I finished chanting the last syllable “SOHA”, the pressure lifted and I woke up.

My daughter who was sleeping in the same room told me that she saw me struggling. I thank my Lama and Protector Dorje Shugden for helping me. Without them, I wouldn’t have known what to do or how to chant. Dorje Shugden is Buddha Manjushri. He is able to see our past, present and future lives. With His practice, you and your family will be protected by Him. I have always trusted Dorje Shugden and there is nothing that can break that trust.

Angel Ooi

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  • Cynthia Lee

    Posted on July 2, 2016 #1 Author

    Thank you for sharing Angel’s story and how DS helped. From what I can see, the ultimate help from DS is bringing Angel’s whole family to dharma. :)


  • Sofi

    Posted on July 3, 2016 #2 Author

    Thank you Angel for sharing your story and how Dorje Shugden had help you and your family. Hospitals are known to have more paranormal actitivies as many have seen their last days there. Being attached and not ready to die, I am sure that many had become spirits that wander about the place. Staying in hospital, we are at our lowest ebb and sometimes malevolent ones could be drawn to attack. It is good to know that powerful Dorje Shugden mantras worked and hope that many will learn of Lord Dorje Shugden. OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA!


  • Khoo Hou Haw

    Posted on July 27, 2016 #3 Author

    Thank you Angel for your story. Aa mentioned in another article in this website, mantras are a specific combination of sounds that encompass the essence of the Buddhas and, when recited, tap into the energy of the enlightened beings. So it is true that when Angel recited the Dorje Shugden’s mantra, the power of Enlightened Buddha had protected her from negative energy.

    Those who are interested in knowing more about Dorje Shugden’s mantras can refer to this page:

    Thank you


  • Pastor Ong Moh Mei

    Posted on July 27, 2016 #4 Author

    Dorje Shugden is known to be a very effective practice against evil spirit. Most of us are helpless when it comes to spirit disturbances because our worldly knowledge and methods cannot help us when it comes to the spirit realm. For those of us fortunate enough to have come across Dorje Shugden practice, we can recite His mantras like Angel did when encountered with such situation.


  • Wah Ying

    Posted on August 22, 2016 #5 Author

    Thank you Angel for sharing your story. From your story we can see clearly how Dorje Shugden has saved your life, and protects you and your family all these years. Your story definitely strengthen people’s faith in Dorje Shugden, the wrathful emanation of Wisdom Buddha Lord Manjushri and His practice.


  • Stella Cheang

    Posted on October 16, 2016 #6 Author

    Evil spirits exist and cannot be dismissed lightly. Many of us could have encountered some form of interaction with them, largely due to our own karmic affinity. These spirits could be malicious by nature and it is therefore very important to have a potent protector practice that can shield us from malevolence actions and harm by these spirits. I am very relieved to hear that Dorje Shugden’s mantra helped Angel swiftly. Thank you Angel for sharing so that many people who suffered the same know what to do.