Surpassing My Expectations Surpassing My Expectations
Dorje Shugden helped me in my English proficiency test. Having failed the first attempt, I did a lot of Dorje Shugden serkym offerings and... Surpassing My Expectations

I started practising Dorje Shugden in January 2015 as part of my daily sadhana along with Lama Tsongkhapa’s practice. My experience is that Dorje Shugden is really quick to assist me when it comes to spiritual practice. Dorje Shugden assists me in learning Dharma and reminding me to learn Dharma as well as keeping up with my daily sadhana. When I read Dorje Shugden’s biography, my faith in the Guru and Dharma increases.

There will be times when trouble arises and my mind will be swayed up and down and I just feel so down that I can’t even do my practice. Usually, after two or three days I will be “reminded” to continue my practice instead of just staring at my troubles. I will feel encouraged and calm by the time I finish reciting Dorje Shugden’s mantra. I also get very enthusiastic about reading Dharma books.

Dorje Shugden also assists me financially, particularly in providing resources to supplement my spiritual practice. So far, I have been able to acquire many ritual items and also items for my altar such as wealth vases, ritual instruments, tsatsas, offerings and more, and even received pendants and tsatsas as gifts from kind friends. With Dorje Shugden, all things related to spiritual practice can be gained more easily.

On another occasion, Dorje Shugden helped me in my English proficiency test. I was applying to study for my Masters degree abroad and one of the requirements was to obtain the required score for the IELTS English proficiency test. I studied up, prepared for it and gave it a shot in early August 2015. I went for my test and I was shaking, surrounded by anxiety during the whole test session. Needless to say I failed the first attempt. It was not a surprise because I am naturally not so bright academically or linguistically. Then, I planned another shot at the test and took a month to prepare prior to commencing the second test.

This time, I did a lot of Manjushri Ganglongma and Dorje Shugden practice with serkym offerings before the test. I was able to undertake the second test with less anxiety and was also able to think clearly during the whole session. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete the writing section as I was out of time.

I came out of the exam doubting that I would be able to pass. The results would only come out in two weeks and during that time, I just prayed to Dorje Shugden to get the minimum score. Eventually I received my results and, surpassing my expectations, it exceeded the required minimum!

Now I am in the midst of applying for a scholarship for my studies and of course, I will continue with my practice. Whatever the outcome, I surrender to Dorje Shugden as I believe his wisdom will benefit me in the long term.

Jeffry L. William

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  • Sofi

    Posted on June 20, 2016 #1 Author

    Thank you Jeffry for sharing your story on the benefits you received from practise of Lord Dorje Shugden. The World Peace Protector is indeed wonderful at fulfilling our wishes when we place great faith in him and diligently propitiate him. Of course, we should accept whatever results provided as he is omniscient and is able to see how to help us best, sometimes not what we expect.

    May you continue with Lord Dorje Shugden’s practise and having great faith in our precious Guru, H.E. the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. May you achieve your wishes and be blessed.


  • Albert

    Posted on July 14, 2016 #2 Author

    Dorje Shugden practice is slightly different than other Protector’s practice, beside protection, Dorje Shugden also grant wishes, healing and giving the necessity so that we can continue our spiritual practice. Dorje Shugden is known as a very powerful Protector and his aid come very swiftly, from what Jeffry shared here, we can clearly sees that how Dorje Shugden assist him in stabilizing his mind so that he can learn more Dharma, how Dorje Shugden grant him financial aid, so that he can continue his siritual practice without worrying about his financial and how Dorje Shugden help in his study to even meet the requirement for applying scholarship.

    It is amazing that Dorje Shugden is helping 1 person for so many things at the same time. As long as the wish is benefiting us and others, Dorje Shugden will help nd granting us the wshes.


  • Li Kheng

    Posted on July 27, 2016 #3 Author

    Thank you Jeffry for sharing your story to help others practitioners gain faith in the Dharma and Dorje Shugden. I often hear about miracles that Dorje Shugden devotees experience within a short period of commencing their connection with Dorje Shugden. Additionally, many claim that his assistance is swift.

    I wish you all the best in obtaining your scholarship. I believe that combining having faith in Dorje Shugden and making effort our our own, our wishes will come true and contribute to our spiritual growth.


  • Stella Cheang

    Posted on October 22, 2016 #4 Author

    Thank you Jeffry for sharing the many ways Dorje Shugden can helps. It is promising for practitioners like us to read about the divine help from Dorje Shugden on your secular concern as well as your spiritual engagement. By removing your worldly obstacles, you are more connected to dharma than ever. Rejoice to you! May you be blessed Dorje Shugden always.


  • Valentina Suhendra

    Posted on January 1, 2018 #5 Author

    I knew Jeffry about five years ago in Indonesia. He was one of the persons who was always available whenever I needed help to do charity work. He is a very kind and patient person. When Jeffry was working on his university application, I could see how worried he was, but one thing that I admired about him is he has never given up. He kept trying and praying to Dorje Shugden for help. I remember that he was very happy when he got the news of the scholarship and I was very happy for him. I learned a lot from Jeffry and admired his perseverance and faith in Dorje Shugden.

    I do think that it is through Dorje Shugden blessing that I met many nice people like Jeffry. I wish so much that more people will be fortunate to experience the blessings of Dorje Shugden.

    Jeffry has graduated from his university education in Sweden and currently working in Luxembourg. Even when he was in Sweden, we have been in touch, and he has helped me a lot in carrying out Rinpoche’s assignments including looking for rare research materials that are only available in selected libraries in Europe.

    Since I had been introduced to Dorje Shugden practice many years ago, Dorje Shugden has helped my family, relatives, loved ones regardless of whether they are Buddhist practitioners of not. For this, I have only Rinpoche to thank for. Because, without Rinpoche, I would not have been introduced to the powerful protector practice that have helped many people that I knew. I sincerely hope that more and more people will be introduced to Dorje Shugden practice.