Gaining Financial Freedom Gaining Financial Freedom
When I made a prayer to Dorje Shugden to help expedite a job offer, that same evening my friend contacted me to confirm my... Gaining Financial Freedom

My first real experience of receiving blessings from Dorje Shugden was back in 2013. I was working in Johor at that time, away from my family, and I was missing them dearly. A friend started to explore a job opportunity for me to join his company based in Selangor. We agreed on the terms and I was all set to come home but somehow, the job offer was not forthcoming.

I was getting impatient and for the first time, I made a prayer to Dorje Shugden to help expedite the job offer. To my surprise, that same evening, my friend contacted me to confirm my appointment as the CFO of his company. Although I left my friend’s company a few months after that, I knew that it was a stepping stone arranged by Dorje Shugden to bring me back home closer to my family. Simultaneously, it gave me exposure to waste water treatment and created awareness in my mind of the importance of environmental protection.

In addition, up to the age of twelve, my son Xander would not sleep on his own. He had a paranormal encounter when he was very young in our old house. His fear of darkness and of sleeping alone was a big concern for us and we even considered sending him for hypnosis treatment. However, I sought help from Dorje Shugden again to protect him from such fear. We told him that he must sleep on his own when he enters high school. Surprisingly, on the last day of the 2014 year end school holidays, he moved himself back into his room and he has been sleeping alone since then.

Over the years, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche has been repeatedly telling us that when we practise and serve Dharma well, the Dharma Protector will be there to provide us with the necessities as well as remove obstacles in our worldly life. He further emphasised that we must not expect the Dharma Protector to fulfil our requests as He is omniscient and will assist according to what is best for our spiritual development in the long run and not according to our worldly wishes. With that in mind, I surrendered to the wisdom of Dorje Shugden, the great Dharma Protector, on the outcome of my prayers to Him for the tough situations I face. The following are just some of the encounters where I felt Dorje Shugden has helped.

I love inviting statues and contributing towards Dharma projects. Over the years, my personal finances went through ups and downs, but somehow I would still push myself to sponsor Dharma projects with whatever financial resources I had at that time. Late last year, as I was beginning to feel the financial strain, out of the blue my current job knocked on my door. My income has grown significantly in the past 12 months which enabled me to invite a big Dorje Shugden and Vajrayogini statue to my home. It also gave me extra financial freedom to support a few more Dharma projects on a regular basis. I definitely think that Dorje Shugden helped to improve my personal finances.

My daughter was going through some rough times emotionally around the middle of last year. She was showing signs of depression and the conventional thinking is to get professional help such as personal counselling. Sometimes when something happens to our loved ones, it is the ripening of our karma to suffer emotionally, physically or financially. I agreed with my wife that she needed help but not necessarily with her proposed methods. I eventually agreed to send her for counselling to avoid further arguments with my wife but deep down I was afraid that it would become a long term affair and cause further financial stress. On this occasion, I made prayers to Dorje Shugden to guide us towards the proper course of treatment for my daughter. On the day of the appointment, we received a call to cancel the appointment as the psychiatrist was hospitalised. Strangely enough, my wife never made any further attempts to book another appointment. After a heart to heart talk with my daughter, her state of mind also improved.

Although my daughter did fairly well in primary school, she started to struggle in secondary school due to poor teaching staff at her school. Earlier this year, she cried out for help as she felt that she would not be able to pass her PT3 exams as she was failing in most of her subjects. Typical of any concerned mother, my wife immediately went around scouting for a private school for my daughter and son to go to. Private education is a very expensive affair and it would have easily eaten up most of our disposable income leaving virtually nothing extra to spend on. The biggest casualty would have been my Dharma sponsorship. I wanted to provide the best platform for my kids but I also wanted to support Dharma. Again, I was at a crossroads.

My wife was adamant to proceed with private schooling so I bravely agreed knowing that Dorje Shugden would not let me down whatever the outcome might be. So, it was not surprising that my daughter did not do well in the private school’s entrance exam, but what surprised me was the school’s representative advising us that it would be best to let my daughter continue her education in a public school. Subsequently, we found tuition teachers to help my daughter in her weak subjects. And I ‘accidentally’ came across a motivational camp for teenagers which both my children attended in order to help them build self-awareness, confidence and learning skills. My daughter recently got her results and in our opinion, she did well considering where she was at the beginning of the year. She is also more outgoing now and demonstrates greater self-confidence. My son also showed improvement in his studies.

As my kids are fast approaching their college-going age, my wife and I are looking at ways and means to fund their higher education as it is not cheap. We are now trying capital gain from property investment and we were amazed at how fast and effortless it was for us to buy a property even though we have very limited means to do so. We were very late to arrive at the property launch as we went after our Sunday Dharma class. We were left with an expensive corner unit and the sales manager voluntarily drove us to view the show unit. We booked the unit immediately and our maximum loan approval was super-fast. Judging by the sequence of events, I would say it is Dorje Shugden’s swift action in granting our wishes.

I truly believe that whatever happened was not mere coincidence. We are still going through the process and I trust Dorje Shugden to steer us towards the right path.

Alex Tan

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  • Sofi

    Posted on June 12, 2016 #1 Author

    Thank you Alex for sharing your story with us. I remember the first time we meet was at KH2 during the Setrap puja and you had kindly helped my husband and I with some pointers. I remember when you were in JB for work whenever you attended puja in PJ, you didn’t seem as happy as you are now. It is good to hear that your faith and reliance on the Protector Dorje Shugden had helped you with your problems. I have always known you to place great importance in your dharma practise and recently you had even shared that as you travel to and fro from work, you will be chanting mantras without fail.

    Our kind Guru, His Eminence the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche has always advised us to rely fully on the Protector as he will help clear the path to ensure a suitable condition for our dharma practise. May you and your family be always blessed by the Three Jewels.


  • Wei Theng

    Posted on July 6, 2016 #2 Author

    Thank you Alex for sharing the helps from Dorje Shugden in various aspect of you and your family lives such as financial, job, spiritual disturbances, children education, business, etc.

    It is also inspiring to know that although when you are having financial constrains, you still contribute to Dharma. I’m sure due to your generosity, you gain too in your secularly as well as spiritually.

    With faith to Guru & protector, Dorje Shugden always help us to clear our obstacles and support us in our spiritual journey.


  • June Kang

    Posted on July 27, 2016 #3 Author

    Dear Alex ,Is good to hear that Dorje Shugen help you and thank you for your sharing. You have prove to us that Dorje Shugen is so powerful that can help us in many aspects in our life. i personally also benefited from Dorje Shugden. Ultimately my wish is Dorje Shugden can clear all our obstacle for our spiritual path and helps us to acquire the resources we need to achieve our full spiritual potential.


  • Pastor Chia

    Posted on July 28, 2016 #4 Author

    Thank you Alax sharing for your personal experience received help from lord Dorje Shugden . I’m glad to see you and your family connecting with the protector and able to help you spirituality journey removing your financial problem many years ago. You did not giving up your practice ,accept the result from your negative karma continue find way to purify negative karma through sponsor dharma project, gain more merit. This right way, i truly believe you and your family are received blessing and protection if your continue your dharma practice. I wish you all the best and congrats to you.


  • Stella Cheang

    Posted on November 8, 2016 #5 Author

    Thank you Alex for sharing personal experience on how Dorje Shugden helps us on our worldly concerns so that we can continue on our spiritual journey. Your wife and yourself are very good examples to this end. May your family and you continue be blessed and guided by the enlightened Dharmapala, Dorje Shugden.