Opening Up To Forgiveness Opening Up To Forgiveness
The miracle of Dorje Shugden's practice was the mind transformation for me to forgive others who hurt or hate me. He helped me get... Opening Up To Forgiveness

In December 2014, my brother and I were walking to the hawker stalls opposite my home when we saw an altar and a big statue of Dorje Shugden. Curious, we walked in to take a look. We also took some introductory books on Dorje Shugden. Then, my faith in Dorje Shugden grew after I attended my first Dorje Shugden puja in 2015.

I started to practise Dorje Shugden as a daily sadhana. The miracle of this practice, I feel, was the mind transformation for me to forgive others who hurt or hate me. I felt the healing, both inner and outer, due to the changes in my thoughts which made me feel lighter, free from the burden of hurt and hatred.

I realised the changes in my mind and I became more stable. It helped me get through a situation in which I’d been hurt by someone’s words. We’ve been working together for many years and we are very close. I felt so hurt and sad but I still needed to face her every day during work hours. I was in a dilemma. We were on the same team but my feelings were so bad that I did not feel like working with her. I suffered this hurt for two months. I even felt I wanted to leave the company but it did not feel right to do it.

I told myself that I had to face the problem. Then, I prayed and kept praying to Dorje Shugden. And one day, my heart opened up to forgiveness. It was what I had been searching for, which helped me feel better through the loosening of the bonds and attachments to the feelings of hurt and anger. Therefore, I kept practising Dorje Shugden in order to replace my darkness with wisdom light. Bravely, I spoke to that person face to face as I wanted to remain friends. Then, she told me about her family problems which made her speak harshly. It felt so good to be able to tell her what was in my heart and to understand that it was her family problems which made her speak out of frustration.

In addition, I would like to change my job to another company but I am not sure. I am praying to Dorje Shugden to provide me with guidance and swift help for me to make my decision. In the meantime, I’ve made up my mind to go for the interview for the new job which has more benefits. I will keep my Dorje Shugden practice and dedicate the benefits to all sentient beings and loved ones.

I am thankful for my Guru, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, all my Dharma brothers and sisters, everyone around me and my faithful Dharma Protectors Dorje Shugden as well as Setrap and Je Tsongkhapa. May all practitioners of Dorje Shugden be protected and guided by Dorje Shugden and may more people benefit from Dorje Shugden.

Humbly with folded hands, thank you.

Victoria Lam

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  • Sofi

    Posted on June 18, 2016 #1 Author

    Thank you Victoria for sharing your story of how Lord Dorje Shugden had helped you. I am glad that you had overcame your anger with your mind transformation and was able to open up to your colleague of your hurt from her harsh words. When we open the avenue to talk and discuss, we may find surprising reasons behind the actions of others. in this case, its your colleague’s family problem that had caused her to lash out at others (you). Once there is understanding, then you are in a better position to overcome hurt and hatred.

    May your faith in our Guru and Protector Dorje Shugden bring your wishes to fruition and may you begin your path to gaining the peace within.


  • Jace Chong

    Posted on July 27, 2016 #2 Author

    Thanks Victoria for the sharing. I think the great help that we need the most is actually something to guide us to transform our mind to be better.

    Our mind almost control everything in our life, a simple thing can be fulled of labels when our mind approach it with different judgements. Your connection with Dorje Shugden must be so strong than he can open your mind to let go of negative judgement and fill with positive energy leading to the action of you forgiving and start talking to her. I believe all the hatred and sufferings gone when we choose to forgive.

    Thank you so much for your sharing and may the Dorje Shugden always be with you :)


  • June Kang

    Posted on July 27, 2016 #3 Author

    Thank you for your sharing, Victoria. Is good that we can recite Dorje Shugden Mantra many times in a day because “Mantra” is a Sanskrit word which literally means “mind protection.” Therefore practice Dorje Shugden Mantra is not only for protection but also transform the mind. And especially during the degenerate times, there will be so many confusing information and if our mind not stable, this will affected our spiritual path to enlightenment.The most important is during the degenerate times we live in and due to our karma, Dorje Shugden is the most helpful Dharma Protector for us because he is swift, powerful and benevolent.


  • Stella Cheang

    Posted on October 16, 2016 #4 Author

    Thank you Victoria for sharing that mind transformation is possible and Dorje Shugden is always there to help us remove or lessen the hatred in our mind. When we are faced with tough people or difficult period in our life, know that Dorje Shugden is with us as long as we have faith and we apply teaching of Buddha Dharma, and always focus on benefit others. Rejoice for your transformation. May you always be blessed by the Three Jewels.


  • Li Kim

    Posted on November 6, 2016 #5 Author

    Forgiveness is one of those words widely used like Kleenex but unlike Kleenex, forgiveness is not that easy to achieve. Superficial forgiveness for sure can, we do it everyday BUT real forgiveness means accepting, letting go and seeing the person/situation with no old judgement. Many will say that is stupid and I would actually agree UNTIL you understand that real forgiveness is NOT about the other person BUT forgiveness of yourself. Dorje Shugden gives me that wisdom. He gives my mind that ability to truly forgive. Many think forgiveness is from the heart, yes from an emotional level BUT real forgiveness is from the Mind. Dorje Shugden takes care of our minds where the strength lies.


  • Pastor Han Nee

    Posted on January 20, 2018 #6 Author

    Thank you Victoria for sharing this story of how Dorje Shugden helped you to open your mind to forgiveness and to let go of your anger and hurt .This is a more powerful and subtle form of help from our Peace and Wisdom Protector , Dorje Shugden, than the help to overcome mundane obstacles, as it goes deeper. Opening up of hearts and minds will reveal the deep wound within. For both Victoria and her friend, opening up this way was to start the healing process.

    When we rely on Dorje Shugden and fully trust him, he will help us at many levels, leading ultimately to our inner peace and well being. Such is the compassion of Dorje Shugden.