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  • Kunzang

    Posted on September 6, 2020 2

    Is the Dorje Shugden empowerment in the NKT the sogtae from Tagphu Dorje Chang's pure vision lineage or it something different?

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  • leong

    Posted on September 3, 2020 3

    Old Master Thailand has promised to give me back something. I have tried many ways to contact him but it has been MORE THAN 5 YEARS & 5 MONTHS already. By reciting Dorje Shugden MANTRA, DO YOU THINK THIS WOULD HELP ME TO MAKE CONTACT with Old Master Thailand? PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO..........

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  • Woody McGee

    Posted on July 16, 2020 7

    I received an initiation from
    Kabje Yongyal Rinpoche
    In Bloomington Indiana sometime ago and I have a
    question about it. How
    can I contact Rinpoche
    to discuss some features of
    the initation?
    Many thanks wishes for
    your sucess and well
    Woody McGee

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  • antonio gomez

    Posted on July 7, 2020 10

    Lama Michel once said that today the oath ismade out of several paths. I currentlty follow LigMincha Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Do I have a conflict here: Can I follow both?

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  • Clinton

    Posted on June 29, 2020 35

    Good day, I’m a Dharma practitioner based in South Africa. I took refuge and Bodhisattva vows in the Nyingma tradition. I am not bound to any particular tradition though, in my personal approach. I am also loosely affiliated with the New Kadampa Tradition as I received my very first teachings in that lineage, namely a Je Tsongkhapa empowerment in 2010. After I took Refuge and Bodhisattva vows in 2019 I began having dreams about Dorje Shugden. In one dream he appeared as though hovering over my chest and promised to protect me. I have had other dreams where Dorje Shugden appeared and had a very compassionate nature and expression. My question is: why was it difficult to do Dorje Shugden practice as a member of the NKT but upon taking refuge in the Nyingma lineage, I’m having dreams of Dorje Shugden and experiencing his energy positively? I am considering rejoining the NKT but I don’t want to break my connection to the Nyingma lineage or my gurus. The NKT’s structure and Je Tsongkhapa’s teachings resonate strongly with me. Your advice would be much appreciated.

    May the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas bless you.

    Thank you 🙏🏻

    Ps. Can one do Dorje Shugden practice without empowerment?

    Thanks 😊


    Posted on June 21, 2020 9

    Is there a center of Kadampa Internacional (NKT-IKBU) in São Paulo - Brazil. If there is, please, take me a address. Thanks.

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  • Ken

    Posted on June 9, 2020 5

    Is the last word in Gyenze’s mantra the actual word «OM» as in the beginning of most mantras? Or is it a pronounciation-expression of another syllable?

    I thought it was the syllable «OM», but wanted to ask.

    Best wishes.

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  • Gavin

    Posted on May 30, 2020 4

    @Uma, @Sunitha
    There are really 2 steps to protect yourself from this kind of black magick.

    1. You need to temporarily put a stop the the attacks and effects.

    To do this, you need to perform the ritual known as the "Circle of Light" from the teachings of renowned black magick expert Austin Osman Spare(one of the founder of Chaos Magick). To do this, take a deep breath, put your consciousness in your third eye, breathe out, you will notice things change, you can see more subtle things like auras, etc, dont worry if this does not happen, but do not be alarmed about it if it does. Next you want to draw a circle of brilliant bright white light parallel to the ground at the level of your chest. Use your index finger and physically draw it, breathe out as you do so. Do this 3 times. Do the same again but make the circle vertical and down the middle of your body. Do the same again but making the circle vetical but side-to-side this time. You then need to manifest an elemental force to proactively protect yourself; I cannot explain how to do this publicly as it has a potential for misuse, if you can contact me I can explain it to you(details below).

    2. To permanently stop this long-term, you must receive empowerment of Dorje Shugden, and recite his mantra daily or 100000 times until you gain experience with it. This will be of a big help to you and can put a final end to these kind of problems.

    @Marek Rozenberg-Holszanski, I am a master programmer and can teach you to code. Dorje Shugden always answers prayers. If the situation you described with the person owing you the money, if you have paper with the amount on it, or any written record(email/text) that she owes it to you, then you can take the matter to a court; even if not, you can get your possessions back this way. In the UK this is cheap and can be done online, and is not intimidating. IF she owns property of any kind, it is reasonably assured you can get your money back. Do not delay after you have received a county court order to contact a high-court enforcement company, as they will compel payment and are very successful. I have very similar problems to you with my home, weight, etc, pray for me. Make sure to practice Dharma every day even 5 minutes, regardless of circumstance.

    If you want to contact me, you can through capricorn astrology software and use the contact page.

    If you find my advice helpful, please pray that the Three Jewels will forgive me for my mistakes.

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  • Uma

    Posted on May 22, 2020 5

    Please suggest what prayer to do, if someone has done spell/black magic on a loved one? How to help loved one break free from the spell/black magic?

    Thank you.

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  • Marek Rozenberg-Holszanski

    Posted on April 5, 2020 13

    I tried requesting prayers in the request a prayer section - yet it didn't work - why is that?
    My requests for prayers are: I'm trying to learn Coding from home with virtual classroom enabled by "zoom" yet I'm really struggling to get any of it - the teachers are great, the fellow students are great, had it not been for the Coronavirus lockdown I'd be in a real classroom instead which would be far better - I am requesting prayers for success in my studies in software development as well as to acquire an apprenticeship which will enable me to study more then get a career in this field which will put me in a better position to serve the 3 jewels and help others more. My apartment is a mess - not enough furniture, disorganised, chaotic, no storage units, TV etc - please pray for me to get help to get my apartment sorted. I am in bad shape physically - quite overweight, not getting sufficient exercise and a tendency to overeat, please help me resolve this matter. A former friend owes me around £2500 GBP (the equivalent of about $3000 USD) and is refusing to give me any of it back, despite promising to, nor is she returning my possessions she stored at her house whilst I was homeless. Please pray for this matter to be resolved. I am undisciplined with money as well as with food - please pray for me to improve. The more I improve, the better I can serve the 3 jewels, the better I can help others. Eventually I wish to ordain as a Buddhist monk, ideally at Amarbayasgalant Khiid in Mongolia - please pray for this to happen. Many Thanks.

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  • Sunitha

    Posted on February 3, 2020 8

    Suffering from black magic and evil spirit attack at night and also transmission of karmic debt of somebody else ..due to which not able to have s good family life..which was not the case earlier..full family is suffering ..s kind of every field..head is mainly attacked..kindly guide..not in a position to do heavy rituals. Energy is getting stealed.Thanks

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  • Hedwig Schrijver

    Posted on January 19, 2020 8

    Iam breeding Tsang Apso, dogs.( roughly translates to “shaggy or bearded (apso) dog, from the province of Tsang”. Some old travelers’ accounts give the name “Dokhi Apso,” or “outdoor” Apso, indicating a working dog which lives outdoors.)
    i really woud like to get one of a breeder in tibet.
    Can you help me? I need a trusful breeders names and e mailadres to contct them.Thnak you very mauchKind regards
    Hedwig ASchrijver

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  • Pema tashi

    Posted on January 13, 2020 7

    I m trying to get a job and also trying to go abroad but i m refused for so many time and i didnt got a proper job till today. What i have to do now??? Can i have a solution to over come.

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  • Rinchen dorji

    Posted on September 17, 2019 24

    Example and non example of ekajat, za rahula and demchen dorji legpa

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  • joshua

    Posted on September 9, 2019 10

    Who is right confused. The so called Dalai Lama who is believed to be reincarnation of Chenreziq accuse Manjushri Emanation Dorje Shugden as demon. Now who is the real demon here, chenreziq or manjushri? How can Chenreziq then made such simple mistake as they all have spiritual unimpeded 3rd eye?

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  • tube delights

    Posted on July 30, 2019 13

    Hi there,
    Now that I have decided to do dorje shugden protector practice, can I set up a dorje shugden/tibetan buddhas altar for this purpose in the same room where I have a Thai Buddhas altar.
    Thank you,

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  • Michael

    Posted on July 18, 2019 16

    Hi, since H.H. the Dalai Lama has strongly discouraged the practice of Dorje Shugden (and He is Chenrezig), will I get any bad karma from practicing Dorje Shugden?

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  • Dermot

    Posted on May 26, 2019 8

    Hi. Just wondering do the question still get answered on this site?

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    • Answer from Pastors


      Posted on May 26, 2019

      Hello Dermot, yes the questions do still get answered. Thank you.


  • Kelsang Lhamo

    Posted on May 4, 2019 11

    Tashi Delek,

    I am travelling to Lhasa in 10 days' time and am planning a 5 day itinerary in and around Lhasa. Please can you indicate key places of pilgrimage outside of the usual ones. For example, I've been trying to locate Chusang Hermitage near Lhasa but without success. Also, do you know of any Dorje Shugden gompas in Lhasa? Thank you so much,
    K Lhamo

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  • Logan Naidoo

    Posted on April 13, 2019 13

    is trance of Shiva and Mariamman also similar to Dorje Shugden Oracles

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    • Answer from Pastors


      Posted on April 13, 2019

      Dear Logan Naidoo,

      Thank you for your question. The trance is the same in the manner that it is an outer deity entering the body of the person. If the meaning of your question was different, you can explain further here and we will answer. Thank you.