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I had just started a new business and my average sales were far below par. But everything changed and miraculously after I prayed to... Business Turnaround

I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Kechara Forest Retreat and Dorje Shugden. It was a great experience to be invited to visit Kechara Forest Retreat, a great place filled with tons of positive energy, love, compassion and faith! I felt fully recharged after visiting Kechara Forest Retreat in September 2015.

Today, I wish to share a miracle experience which happened to me after my visit and after I started praying to Dorje Shugden. It was tough in 2015 where I had just started a new business in Malaysia, a totally new concept service with premium pricing in the Malaysian market. My average sales were at 30-70% in Q2 and Q3 2015.

But everything changed and miraculously after I prayed to Dorje Shugden, my sales had grown to over SGD214,000 in a month! (224% vs my Q4 target).

I am blessed to have Dorje Shugden’s protection and blessings during this tough period of time. Thank you Dorje Shugden! I wish and pray for Dorje Shugden to protect every one of us around the world! Stay strong and continue to have faith in Dorje Shugden!

Anonymous / Kiwi

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  • Sofi

    Posted on June 16, 2016 #1 Author

    Thank you for sharing your story on the miracle that Protector Dorje Shugden helped you with. As in many testimonials shared here, Lord Dorje Shugden always answers our prayers if we have a sincere heart and with faith in practise. It is through the compassion of our Guru, H.E. the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche that we are able to receive the blessings of Lord Dorje Shugden and Kechara Forest Retreat is fully charged with his energy to bring Lama Tsongkapa’s teachings to the world. May you continue to visit Kechara Forest Retreat and attend the powerful Dorje Shugden puja to help you on your path.


  • Albert

    Posted on August 9, 2016 #2 Author

    In Business, it is always very challenging especially when the economy is down, we may try different method and it doesn’t work, we may try working long hours, promotions, advertisements, etc, and our business still goes down, there are times where things doesn’t work no matter how hard we’ve tried, then we need Dorje Shugden to help in order to increase the chances of success, but this doesn’t mean that after pray to Dorje Shugden, we can sit there shaking leg and wait for the business to success, we still need to put in our effort to make it success and with the assistance of Dorje Shugden, many obstacles will be cleared and we will eventually succeeding it.

    By just praying and not working towards it, it will not help, because Dorje Shugden only will help us when we help ourselves, problems created by ourselves, Buddha will not solve it for us, but he will assist us to solve it with applying our effort on it.


  • Fong

    Posted on November 22, 2016 #3 Author

    It is true that one of the benefits of propitiating Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden is that he will grant conditions for us to practice dharma. In this case, he has granted material success so that the practitioner can have a peace of mind from financial problems to concentrate on dharma practice.

    But, as with everything which involves the secular, the effort put in by the practitioner in his career or business does count a lot. Then, Dorje Shugden can avert the calamities or remover obstacles.

    May you continue with your practice and continue your connection with Dorje Shugden