The Dorje Shugden retreat is an effective way to accumulate merits and develop closer ties with Dorje Shugden. The benefits of this Protector retreat... Video: How To Do A Dorje Shugden Retreat

A retreat is time taken away from daily mundane activities that dominate our lives, to meditate, contemplate and engage in activities that create merits. The Dorje Shugden retreat is an effective way to achieve such an objective, and to develop closer ties with Dorje Shugden who can benefit us in both mundane and spiritual ways.

As Dorje Shugden is an emanation of Manjushri, the benefits of this Protector retreat also include clarity of mind, improved memory and a faster comprehension and absorption of the Dharma.

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  • Wah Ying

    Posted on July 2, 2016 #1 Author

    I am a person not easy to sit still and when I need to do a Dorje Shugden retreat some while ago, I was so uneasy and in anxiety. I have been doing my daily sadhana daily which last about one hours but when comes to the idea “I need to enagage in retreat, sit on my cushion for few hours”, I was worry. Not sure whether I able to do it, and worry about hundred thousand things like how about my kid, who will take care of him, what about my daily work load, what about my laundry need to clean…it’s funny, worry about some minor and mundane things like the whole sky will fall down when I am not around. Of course this is over worried and that’s the very reason I should actually go for a retreat!

    With the blessings of my Guru and Protector, the retreat of me is a success – I able to focus during the retreat, able to focus from first session to the last, able to control my wwandering mind and my desire to have fun and enetertainment which I have started one week to before my retreat.

    I would suggest many to engage in Dorje Shugden which is beneficial spiritualy and wordly as well. First might be not easy but you would looking forward for one every few months annually. Thank you Rinpoche’s teachings on retreat and the sharing from Pastor David.