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Shize or Vairochana Shugden is the emanation of Dorje Shugden who embodies the enlightened activity of pacification. This video lists the various iconographic features... Vairochana Shugden’s (Shize) Iconography

Shize or Vairochana Shugden is the emanation of Dorje Shugden who embodies the enlightened activity of pacification. This form of Dorje Shugden assists practitioners to expedite healing, dispel illnesses and purify the hindrances of oneself and fellow practitioners.

This video lists the various iconographic features of Dorje Shugden in this ‘pacifying’ form, which if understood correctly, can propel one on the path to Enlightenment.

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  • Stella Cheang

    Posted on July 15, 2016 #1 Author

    Dorje Shugden is the emanation of Manjushri, which means He shares the same mind stream of Lord Manjusrhi himself. Dorje Shugden is known to have five principal forms; i.e. His principal form as Duldzin, his increase form as Gyenze, his control form as Wangze, his wrathful form as Trakze and his peaceful form, Shize.

    Shize is the emanation of Dorje Shugden’s aggregate of form and he acts as a healer who purifies negative karma that causes physical and mental ailments. The aggregate of form is part of the 5 aggregates that make up sentient beings; namely Form, Feeling, Discrimination, Mental Factors and Consciousness. Aggregate of form controls the 5 sensory faculties that capture surrounding phenomena and stimulates or feeds the gross mind. Through this process, sentient beings will act out or behave in a certain manner.

    The benefit of propitiating Shize is purifying negative karmas and obstacles. Shize’s practice arrest the perpetuation of this process and prevent it from fruitioning into actual physical and mental ailments, corresponding to increase lifespan and healing of diseases, as well as pacifying of the mind and environment. It does not mean that Shize will remove the negative karma entirely, but it is meant to hold back negative karma, giving practitioner a chance to purify it.

    Another immense benefit of propitiating Shize is the collection of inexhaustible merits. Due to the enlightened nature of Shize, merits collected from propitiating this deity is infinitely enduring which means it can be carried forward to future lifetime until practitioner gain full enlightenment. This is extremely powerful as it helps create the cause for higher rebirth to continue on the spiritual path.


  • Fong

    Posted on April 27, 2017 #2 Author

    Shize dispels all obstacles, spirits, illness and hindrances. This video shows us slowly the iconography of Shize but what makes it very relevant to young audiences and beginners, to keep their interest is the very modern, up-to-date funky music.

    Thank you for a very interesting way of getting our interest and keeping it to benefit us with a short teaching.


  • Alice Tay

    Posted on May 16, 2017 #3 Author

    By learning Shize’s Iconography, it enable us to have better understanding for its purpose and the implements that he hold. When we have more faith in Dorje Shugden Shize, the practice will be more effective and help us swiftly.
    Thank you for this video sharing with the light music as one of the attractions for the readers.