Request for Activity of Gyalchen Shugden Request for Activity of Gyalchen Shugden
Composed by H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, this prayer recalls the qualities of Dorje Shugden, the purpose of his arising as a Dharma Protector, and... Request for Activity of Gyalchen Shugden

After Prince Siddhartha became enlightened as the Buddha, he paced up and down contemplating if he should teach. He knew his knowledge would not be understood by everyone and thus, it led him to contemplate if there was any purpose to teaching. Upon seeing this, the king of the gods, Brahma, descended from his abode and requested Buddha to teach, saying that it would benefit countless sentient beings. Thus began the tradition of making requests.

To request for teachings or activities is an expression of our willingness to receive knowledge and assistance, thus opening the path for us to receive the blessings of the Buddhas and Dharma Protectors.

This request for Dorje Shugden’s activity was composed by His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, the junior tutor of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, who had a very close relationship with the Protector. It recalls the qualities of Dorje Shugden, the purpose of his arising as a Dharma Protector, and beseeches him to protect and bless the practitioner with all the resources necessary for a smooth spiritual path. When recited on a regular basis, this prayer helps the practitioner to draw a closer connection with the enlightened Protector Dorje Shugden.

Request for Activity of Gyalchen Shugden

Composed by His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche

Just thinking of you clears all obstacles,
Mighty Gyalchen Shugden who accomplishes activities,
Accept this oceanic torma offering of samaya substances,
And accomplish the activities I request!

Plant the victory banner of learning and practice
Of Buddha’s general Teachings and particularly Tsongkhapa’s excellent system,
Foundation of all aid and comfort for the three realms’ beings,
Unmoved by winds of evil, throughout the ten directions!

Clear all darkness throughout the world, harm of the four elements,
Disease, epidemics, war and violence,
Famine and all decay of degeneration,
And spread happy auspicious illumination everywhere!

In particular, O Lord of Dharma Guardians,
We yogis who have long relied upon and honoured you,
Entrust everything, including the actions of our three doors
To you from our hearts, protect us without break.

Evaporate plagues, sickness, demons, obstructions,
Misfortune, fatal astrological configurations, spirits and obstructers,
All outer and inner unwanted bad conditions without exception,
Like dew touched by the rays of the sun!

Bring increase of all virtue, goodness and glory of existence and peace,
Long life, merit, all desired wealth and enjoyment,
Realisation of the three principal paths, yogas of the two stages and so forth,
Vying in increase with the waxing moon!

Meaningful Controller, with your hook, draw in the good fortune,
Of concordant conditions to accomplish all spiritual and temporal good,
For the sake of the Teachings and beings, the great purpose, and so on,
And all requisites and wealth of proud devas and humans.

With irreversible blazing sharp razor weapons,
Pulverise and take as food the life and breath,
Of human beings, non-humans and spirits,
Who cause direct and indirect harm, without exception.

Pacify all hindrances and obstacles to activities,
For accomplishing our deepest heart-felt wishes!
Reveal signs of enlightening action, swift as lightning
Ripening full measure of our hopes and wishes!

In brief, always accompany us, the yogis,
Inseparably, like our body’s shadow,
Watch over us with your wisdom eye without break;
Bestow your protective activities, mighty Shugden!

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  • Stella Cheang

    Posted on August 6, 2016 #1 Author

    It is very fortunate for us to be bestowed with the prayer text to Request for Activity of Gyalchen Shugden, composed by the erudite master, His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche himself. When we recite this daily during our sadhana, we will draw a closer connection with the enlightened Protector Dorje Shugden. Thank you for sharing this powerful prayer text.


  • Alice Tay

    Posted on August 23, 2017 #2 Author

    We may encounter many difficulties and obstacles in the spiritual path. Therefore, we are so fortunatel to learn Dorje Shugden practice from our precious guru, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. Dorje Shugden practice can help to clear our obstacles and provide a conducive environment for us to learn and practice dharma.