A short video of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche's various Buddhist shrines and the sacred images on them. They all feature many offering items to create karma... See my beautiful shrine!

I have something stunning, magical and sacred to share with my friends around the world on this short and sweet post. I have always liked having beautiful shrines and altars that connect me to the sacred since very young naturally. This has extended into my adult life. We have departments in Kechara which creates beautiful statues of all shapes and sizes (www.vajrasecrets.com). Many of them are on my personal shrine. Please take a look. I also like to make many offerings of jewels, fresh water, tea, food and electric candles. All the Vajra Yoginis and Dorje Shugden statues on my shrine are created in house in Kechara as well as many others. We have many talented people in Kechara. We follow the scriptural descriptions to make sure the statues are accurate. Our statues are ordered and sent all over the world. The 9ft Vajra Yogini was sent to Trijang Rinpoche’s monastery in Tibet a few years back and I have one on my shrine. I am sure you will enjoy seeing my beautiful shrine.

This is a short sharing of some of my shrines and the sacred images on them. Many of the offering items such as turquoise, amber, pearls, gems and jewels are artificial but crafted to look genuine. I cannot afford such expensive pieces in such abundance, so I offer beautiful substitutes visualizing them as real which the karmic effects should be the same. To create karma to have the resources in this and future lives to benefit more beings. A few of the items are genuine as offered by some special people over the years. These are not the only images I have but some.

I hope you enjoy this short video.

Have a wonderful day and you have my prayers,

Tsem Rinpoche

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  • Sofi

    Posted on September 14, 2016 #1 Author

    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing the video of your beautiful altar with equally stunning Buddhas to bless our eyes and minds. Rinpoche shows us by example of the lavish offerings to the Buddha with a heart of generosity. I love looking at altars at Kechara House, Kechara Forest Retreat and all the Kechara Paradise outlets where we are able to invited Buddha statues home to start our own altars of blessings. For others, Rinpoche had provided such convenience with http://www.vajrasecrets.com where one can invite online. I have heard many who lived overseas had invited and was very happy with the services provided. May all households and business premises be blessed with having an altart or a shring to the Buddha as much blessings will come.


  • Fong

    Posted on September 23, 2016 #2 Author

    Thank you, Rinpoche for sharing these precious and magical images of your shrine and altar. So, so love the red Vajrayogini, so very beautiful. Thank you for your blessings by sharing these images.

    I have seen very beautiful images of the various Buddhas available for invite by those who have connected with the Buddha and the Dharma via Kechara Paradise outlets. Before knowing very much about Kechara, I used to sit in a shop opposite Kechara Paradise watching the videos of the pilgrimages as well as admiring the various items in the outlet.

    Now, I’ve gotten lazy and started admiring the dharma items available online on Vajrasecrets.com which are just as beautiful and precious.

    Thank you, Rinpoche for making these items easily available to us without our having to fly to Nepal.
    Rinpoche is most kind to provide such conveniences for us as with everything that Rinpoche does, to care for us.