Recently, on 5-6 April 2016, a group of devoted practitioners from across the globe...
Relying on Dorje Shugden could not be easier. In a place which is comfortable...
This stunning full-colour graphic novel retells the story of Dorje Shugden in an engaging...
A 'Dharma Protector' is a special friend who acts as a guardian angel to...
Regardless of the unique challenges we each face in our lives, there is no better friend to have by our side than Dorje Shugden,...
This is a true account of how Dorje Shugden manifested as a compassionate Lama, martyr and enlightened Buddhist Protector. Understanding the origins and history...

Finding Myself

BenefitsMiracles Mar 25, 2016 0 174

At times my mind is torn between so many different ideas that it leaves me going nowhere. Reciting Dorje Shugden’s mantra calms my mind...

The Spiritual Lineage

Overview Mar 23, 2016 0 108

Tracing the lineage between Guru and disciple is an important aspect of the Buddhist teachings as blessings descend from the lineage masters to the...
This photo gallery contains selected images of great masters both past and present who...
The graphic novel retelling the story of Dorje Shugden is now available in 11...
When we engage in Dorje Shugden's practice, we also invoke upon his 32-deity entourage....
Serious practitioners who wish to establish a deeper connection with Dorje Shugden can receive...
The 101st Gaden Tripa, His Holiness Gaden Trisur Rinpoche Jetsun Lungrik Namgyal was born in 1927 in Kham (eastern Tibet). He was ordained in...
Italian artist never2501 has used his talents to plant enlightened seeds through the strokes of his brush. One of his masterpieces is a...
For Buddhists, the altar forms the focal point of their practice. A Buddhist altar is used by the practitioner to purify negative karma, and...
Dharma Protector practice is central to Vajrayana Buddhism. This video explains the role of the Dharma Protector, which is to help the practitioner clear...
Praise to Kache Marpo
This praise to Kache Marpo is extracted from a ritual composed by His Holiness the Great Fifth Dalai Lama,...
Invocation to Namkar Barzin
This praise to Namkar Barzin was composed by H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche, whose previous life as Kentrul Thubten...
Enthronement Prayer of Dorje Shugden
The enthronement prayer is used to bless images and statues with the energies of Dorje Shugden. The prayer invites...
Wan Wai Meng
September 10, 2015
Tsem Rinpoche is so very kind to provide this practice to all of us. We should never limit how Buddha can help us and extend our help to us. Many people I am sure would have benefitted from Gyenze’s help, …
June 10, 2015
How beautiful a teaching! You taught us a lot about guru devotion just by explaining how you first encountered Shugden... So blessed.
His Eminence Domo Geshe Rinpoche
In 1937, His Eminence the 2nd Kyabje Domo Geshe Rinpoche was born into the Enchey Kazi family, a prominent...
Xia Feng Temple

Xia Feng Temple

Temples May 9, 2015 0 20

In the Yuzhu District of Youyang County, Chongqing, China, is a Buddhist temple called Xia Feng Temple. Its main...
  • Sharon on Enlightened Art (especially those created by great lamas!)
    2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Very beautiful painting. She looks very much like Green Tara. Iconographically, how can we distinguish Cittamani Tara from Green Tara? Thanks!

  • bengkooi on Request for help
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hannah, You could recite Medicine Buddha mantra TAYATHA OM BEKANZE BEKANZE MAHA BEKANZE BEKANZE RANZA SAMUGATHEY SOHA. Dorje Shugden also has a healing mantra, OM BENZA WIKI BITANA AYU SIDDHI HUNG. You could do this too. Hope it helps

  • Hannah Lombardo on Request for help
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    I'm going for surgery next week, its not serious but I'm a little scared about operations. They need to use general anesthetic during the surgery. Is there there any particular practice I can do, mantras to chant, that can make the surgery go successful and without anything bad happening?

  • Pastor Jean Ai on Four Noble Truths and Daily Life
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Kechara's Pastor Niral Patel will be giving a talk on 10 April at 2:30pm in Kechara House, Malaysia on the Four Noble Truths and its application to daily life. Everyone is welcome to attend but please RSVP your attendance via or +603 7803 3908 by 7 April 2016 because seating is limited!

  • Kiran Gupta on Hinduism and Buddhism together
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    I'm a Hindu. Can i pray to the Buddhas and Dorje Shugden as well as the Hindu Gods? I really like Buddhism but i don't know if i can pray to them as well, will this cause a problem? Also, can i put the statues on the same shrine, because…

  • Leean on Namka Bardzin
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Thank you for the information link. How can Namkar Barzin help me at work??

  • Leean on Can I do my prayers at work???
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Just looking for tips on how to be consistent with my prayers. The only time I can do it every day when I will not fall asleep is in my office. In the morning I'm usually late for work so I can't sit down and do it and then at…

  • Shunsuke Takahashi on Daily Torma Offering
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    In the daily sadhana ( there is something called Torma Offering. I read more about it. Can i read the prayer without doing the physical offering?

  • Jane Vanco on Dorje Shugden and livelihood
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hello. I read that you can pray to Dorje Shugden to help with having enough resources as well as for spiritual reasons. Can Dorje Shugden help to ensure a good livelihood, like a good job?

  • bengkooi on Enlightened Art (especially those created by great lamas!)
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Cittamani Tara painted by Lama Yeshe!

    Cittamani Tara painted by Lama Yeshe

  • bengkooi on Introductions and Hellos
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hi all, i'll get the ball rolling here. I'm a student of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche since 2007, and my journey with Rinpoche has been pretty remarkable if i do say so myself. I met Rinpoche at a book club (we were discussing the book Dragon Thunder by Diana Mukpo). Funnily…

  • Tomasz on Thanks for site everybody
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    32 years old from Warszawa, Polska. Took refuge in teacher who is not open about Shugden practice. Also he is not living nearby so site is very useful for me. Thanks for site everybody.

  • Tomasz on Teachings in Rabten Choeling
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    It's Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche's birthday today. Anyone attending the Middle Lamrim teachings in Rabten Choeling next month? It starts on 7 May

  • Pastor Jean Ai on How Dorje Shugden Can Help You
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Here’s a link to a nice post from Stella Cheang and how she managed to overcome issues at work through the practice of Dorje Shugden: It's inspirational to see people benefit from the practice. But guess what? This isn't unusual. A lot of people have benefited from Dorje Shugden’s…

  • Pastor Jean Ai on Top 5 favourite Buddhist books?
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    I agree with your top five books. Compassion Conquers All is a great book to learn about the Eight Verses of Mind Transformation. These teachings can really shift a person's life in the right direction!

  • bengkooi on Top 5 favourite Buddhist books?
    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Don't have much time to read nowadays but these are some of my favs in no particular order: Dragon Thunder: My Life with Chogyam Trungpa by Diana J, Mukpo (the first Tibetan Buddhist book I ever read. It blew my mind. Chogyam Trungpa is neat!) Compassion Conquers All by H.E.…

  • Lew on Namka Bardzin
    4 weeks ago

    Thank you Beng Kooi for your reply.

  • Pastor Jean Ai on Namka Bardzin
    4 weeks ago

    Namkar Barzin was a Mongolian Geshe who suffered a traumatic death and, in the period immediately after his death, was taunted by a group of kids. Anger arose in him at this humiliation, leading to his rebirth as an angry spirit who terrorised the local community. He was later subdued…

  • bengkooi on Namka Bardzin
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, Namkar Barzin's story began in the 1920s, so we are approaching the 100-year anniversary of Namkar Barzin pretty *soon*. Check out this link about Namkar Barzin and how he arose:

  • guest2 on Namka Bardzin
    1 month, 1 week ago

    Did Namka Bardzin only appear less than 100 years?