Lama Michel Rinpoche Lama Michel Rinpoche
Lama Michel Rinpoche was born in 1981 in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he would eventually make a connection with his root teacher, Lama Gangchen. It... Lama Michel Rinpoche

Lama Michel Rinpoche was born in 1981 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is said that Lama Michel chose to be born in Brazil not only to benefit the whole country and South America, but the whole of contemporary society.

In 1987, His Eminence Lama Gangchen Rinpoche visited Brazil for the first time, invited by Lama Michel’s parents, Bel and Daniel. From this first encounter, a strong connection with the whole family was created. Lama Michel’s family founded the first of many Dharma centres under the guidance of Lama Gangchen. The first was known as the ‘Shi De Choe Tsog’ Centre. Lama Michel’s connection with Tibetan Buddhism would also be clearly evident from this point.

Lama Michel as a young boy with his Guru, the great Mahasiddha Gangchen Lama

Lama Michel as a young boy with his Guru, the great Mahasiddha Gangchen Lama

At the age of twelve, Lama Michel spontaneously decided to leave the trappings of lay life behind and began his monastic education in Southern India, where the great Gelug monasteries are now located.

Great Lamas such as Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Dagyab Rinpoche and Gelek Rinpoche have confirmed that Lama Michel is the reincarnation of Drubchok Gyalwa Sandrup, a 15th Century Lama who was a great yogi and master who gave various philosophical teachings. Originating from Gangchen Choepel Ling, a monastery in Tibet, he lived during the time that Lama Tsongkhapa’s Gelug school was founded, and was a contemporary of the 1st Dalai Lama.

It was one of Lama Gangchen’s previous lives, Panchen Zangpo Tashi, who founded Gangchen Choepel Ling Monastery and his successor, the second regent of the throne, was none other than Drubchok Gyalwa Sandrup.

Lama Michel's yearly pilgrimage to Borobudur with Lama Gangchen

Lama Michel’s yearly pilgrimage to Borobudur with Lama Gangchen

Since an early age, Lama Michel has traveled the world with Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, repeatedly visiting various sacred sites in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia and Tibet. During these pilgrimages, this special young man had many intuitions, dreams and special visions. Lama Michel’s character and his altruistic attitude then began to manifest themselves in traditional Buddhist ways.

Many people have noticed his pure energy which is akin to the energy of Maitreya, the future Buddha of Love, and his speeches and teachings are delivered in a very loving and kind manner. This is no surprise given that Lama Michel’s Tibetan name is Jangchub Choepel Lobsang Nyendrak which means the ‘Wise and famous Mind of Enlightenment, who spreads the peaceful message of Dharma successfully’. His young, dynamic and charismatic demeanour has enabled people from all walks of life to connect with the Dharma more effectively.

From left to right: Lama Michel with his Guru Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, H.E. Domo Geshe Rinpoche and the Venerable Oracle of Dorje Shugden

From left to right: Lama Michel with his Guru Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, H.E. Domo Geshe Rinpoche and the Venerable Oracle of Dorje Shugden

Under the close mentorship of Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, in 2006 Lama Michel began studying at Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, the seat of the Panchen Lamas, in Shigatse, Tibet. There, he devoted himself to studying philosophy, Tantra, medicine and astrology, completing his training in Buddhist Philosophy, meditational practices, Lam Rim and Lojong.

He continues to spend two months a year there, under the guidance of the Abbot, Kachen Losang Puntsok Rinpoche, one of the prominent living masters in Tibet. It is through Lama Michel’s devotion to his Guru and dedication to his studies that he is able to present the Dharma fluently in English and Italian, and even quote from the Tibetan scriptures from memory.

Today, Lama Michel continues to serve his Guru, Lama Gangchen Rinpoche by spreading Lama Tsongkapa’s tradition in the ten directions. He lives in Italy with Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and is currently the Vice-President of the Lama Gangchen International Global Peace Foundation.

With twelve years of study in Buddhist Philosophy under his belt, Lama Michel also imparts his knowledge and experience to others in different parts of the world, especially at the centres of the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation in Sao Paolo, Brazil and Albagnano, Italy.

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  • Sofi

    Posted on June 28, 2016 #1 Author

    It is so awe-inspiring to read about Lama Michel Rinpoche, how he “found” his way back to his practise. Drubchok Gyalwa Sandrup must have had deep devotion and strong samaya with his Guru, Panchen Zangpo Tashi that in his current incarnation as Lama Michel Rinpoche, he is able to reconnect with the current incarnation of his Guru, Lama Gangchen Rinpoche. Having been born in Brazil, Dharma must have been especially rare and yet it is his parents who invite Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and created this connection. How wondrous the way Buddhas work, manifesting something great out of what seemingly unlikely. May Lama Michel Rinpoche live long to bring the Dharma to parts of the world that needs him.


  • gary foo

    Posted on July 6, 2016 #2 Author

    Indeed the people in Brazil are blessed to have Lama Michel born there, and this is like a perfect example of Buddhas compassion and teachings going into the ten directions. May many be blessed by Lama Micel presence in Italy and Brazil


  • Fong

    Posted on July 26, 2016 #3 Author

    Can’t help noticing that it was the parents of Lama Michel Rinpoche who brought Lama Gangchen to Brazil and their son. What a very direct way of introducing the young child to dharma and Guru.

    Lama Michel Rinpoche is very lucky, or dare I say accumulated a lot merits from previous lives to be able to meet with the dharma at such a very early age and with the blessings of his parents in this life.

    He is such an inspiration, speaking English, Italian and being able to learn the Buddhist teachings at Tashi Lhunpo Monastery under the abbot.

    May Lama Michel Rinpoche have stable health and long life to spread the dharma in the ten directions.


  • Alice Tay

    Posted on August 2, 2017 #4 Author

    Lama Michel is young, dynamic and charismatic demeanour has enabled people to connect with the Dharma more effectively. Many people believed his pure energy which is akin to the energy of Maitreya.He is very close and currently lives in Italy with the great master, H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche. This is very good and beneficial to him as can stay near to H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche which is good for his spiritual growth and ultimately bring benefits to all sentient beings.


  • Jacinta Goh

    Posted on September 10, 2017 #5 Author

    Halfway reading through this short namthar (bio) about Lama Michel, I realised the importance of strong aspirational prayers, on holding samaya and Guru devotion. What is the best way to offer body, speech and mind if it’s not through this? Looking at His year of birth really put me to shame as I am only a year younger than Him but still wandering in samsara while giving trouble to others.


  • Julia Diaz Mazuelas

    Posted on January 17, 2019 #6 Author

    Hola mi nombre es Julia y solo quería dar gracias a Michel Rinpoche , por existir. De casualidad estaba haciendo terapia psicológica y mi hermana que es médico, una compañera suya le dio para que yo lo escuchara una charla que distes en Málaga sobre la Felicidad. La cual me encantó y la escucho muchas veces , ella no sé si lo hará porque íbamos al mismo lugar pero con distintos terapeutas. Solo oír tu voz me relaja y me llena de plenitud de vida, lo cuál antes no quería vivir y ahora sí,gracias a ti. No sé si este mensaje te llegará pero tenía ganas de hacerlo y poder seguirte cada vez que venga a Málaga. Gracias mil gracias de corazón. Julia de Málaga.