These videos show the inauguration of Gaden Kachoe Shing and the Venerable Gamang Kuten in trance of wrathful Dorje Shugden. H.H. Kyabje Trijang Chocktrul... Wrathful Dorje Shugden Trance at Gaden Khachoe Shing

On 3rd – 5th October 2014, His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche visited Bloomington, Indiana to officiate the opening of Gaden Khachoe Shing Monastery which was established by the Venerable Gameng Kuten (Choijin Lama), one of the official oracles of Dorje Shugden.

During the ceremony, the Venerable Gameng Kuten took trance of Dorje Shugden and those present had the great fortune to witness this auspicious event and to be in the presence of the great Protector. These videos shows the opening ceremony of Gaden Kachoe Shing and the Venerable Gamang Kuten in trance of the wrathful form of Dorje Shugden.

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  • Alice Tay

    Posted on November 17, 2016 #1 Author

    This is wonderful to see more and more people have faith in Dorje Shugden especially in western.

    Thank you for sharing this precious video and may everyone attended the event at Gaden Khachoe Shing Monastery be blessed and protected by Dorje Shugden.


  • Fong

    Posted on May 23, 2017 #2 Author

    The architecture of Gaden Khachoe Shing Monastery in Bloomington has kept to the Tibetan architecture which is very distinct. And, there are so many thangkas on the wall inside the monastery. And, the huge statue of Lama Tsongkhapa.

    Also, interesting is the throwing of tsampa to the sky for auspiciousness as it is the first time, I’m witnessing it.

    All in all, it is such a joyous occasion and there are so many devotees attending the opening ceremony. Thank for this blessing.