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1. How do i know she is my rightful wife? 2. Why is it that nothing seem to be working for me? 3. I...

1. How do i know she is my rightful wife?
2. Why is it that nothing seem to be working for me?
3. I am confuse and dont know what to do now?
4. I am not a Buddhist, Can i say the prayers?
5. Which of the prayers will boost my business and open more doors for business?
6. I am practicing yoga as a beginner, can i do both practices at the same time?

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    August 16, 2016 #1 Author

    Dear Forster Cosby Amoh,

    Thank you for your questions. I have tried to answer the questions as per the order you asked:

    1. Those who have developed clairvoyance would be able to answer this question for you, however I do not have that ability so I cannot answer that question . However, from your point of view, do you love or care for your wife? It is not about your partner being your ‘rightful’ wife, it is more that you love each other and are devoted to each other. That after all is what marriage is about. This is the key to any marriage.

    2. From a Buddhist perspective, everything that happens in our life, both good and bad is due to the law karma. This is also known as cause and effect. According to Buddhist cosmology, each and every one of us has had countless previous lives. In these lives, we have engaged in either positive or negative actions. Positive actions mean those that benefit others, and negative actions means those that harm others, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. These previous actions are the cause, and the results are the circumstances we go through in this life and in future lives. Therefore Buddhism places a lot of emphasis on the teaching of karma. That is why people undergo so much suffering, even those that are good people. The difference is that those who are good, do not engage in negative actions so do not create more negative karma to suffer from in the future. Therefore it is because of karma that situations in life may not be working out the way you wish them to.

    3. What are you confused about? Perhaps if you explain more we may able to help you through this challenging time.

    4. Yes of course. The prayers on this website can be recited by anyone. Although they are Buddhist in nature, anyone can recite the prayers. This is because the Buddhas are compassionate beings who listen and aid those who call out to them. Being ‘Buddhist’ or not is a label we ourselves have made. From the side of the enlightened beings there are no labels, so as long as you engage in recitation of the prayers with sincerity they will definitely help as they are compassionate towards each and every sentient being.

    5. The prayers to Gyenze are very beneficial in financial matters. Gyenze’s practice is known to purify negative karma and create conducive conditions in one’s life. This practice is especially beneficial for increasing one’s life-span, merit and wealth. I would suggest that you can engage in these prayer to help you in your business endeavours. Here is a link to the practice:

    6. Yes, you can engage in both yoga and these practices at the same time. The yoga taught most commonly these days is based on physical movements and calming the mind through these movements. If you are practicing this type of yoga then it is perfectly fine to engage in both these practices.

    I hope this helps. Thank you.

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