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Dear Ven pastor, I am struggling really badly at work with very bad workplace politics. I have all my life go the extra mile...

Dear Ven pastor,

I am struggling really badly at work with very bad workplace politics. I have all my life go the extra mile to help others (obvious to colleagues below the authority levels) but not to the bosses.

Even now one of my supportive boss refused to reply my calls/emails for support against vindictive and malicious elements at work.

I am a simple man who just want a peaceful life. I have given up on recognition long time ago. The risks of potential loss of career is compunded by my awareness of having 2 young dependent children in my family.

I have started the purification ritual and Dharma protector but mentally it is painful and difficult to concentrate in my saddened state of mind.

Is it too late for this current problem for the purification and Dharma protector roles to make a difference? Is there anything specifically I can do to resist my superiors who are really trying to adversely impact on my profession?

Thank you

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    August 21, 2017 #1 Author

    Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your question. I am sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time at work. It is never too late to engage in purification practices and Dharma protector practices to make a difference. They will always be of benefit. These practices help you deal with problems in life by alleviating you of negative situations. However since all that we go through in life is based on karma, some situations will take a longer time for us to see change. For example, some of the situations we are go through in life could be due to very strong karma from previous lives, therefore it takes us a longer period of time using these practices to see change. The more you practice, the more the karma will be purified causing these situations to arise. They key here to be consistent in your practice, and you will definitely see a change.

    At the same time, since these situations are caused by karma, we should not add more negative karma to it. We should instead do the exact opposite, which is to be kind to and benefit others. The force of positive karma and spiritual merit can actually overcome the effects of negative karma until it is completely purified. Another method you can do, is to engage in retreats, where you engage in the practices intensively. This provides a boost to your spiritual practice and the purification of the negative karma is sped up.

    In this specific case, you should continue your practices and you will definitely see an improvement in your situation. The other thing you should do is contemplate on the suffering that your superiors are going through. They act in the way they do because of their own karma and how it has affected their minds to act and behave in negative ways. Rather than be angry or annoyed at them, you should meditate on the fact that they are that way because of their own negative karma. When you develop compassion for them, because this is virtuous, this will speed up the process of the purification of negative karma. I hope this helps.

    Thank you

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