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@Uma, @Sunitha There are really 2 steps to protect yourself from this kind of black magick. 1. You need to temporarily put a stop...

@Uma, @Sunitha
There are really 2 steps to protect yourself from this kind of black magick.

1. You need to temporarily put a stop the the attacks and effects.

To do this, you need to perform the ritual known as the “Circle of Light” from the teachings of renowned black magick expert Austin Osman Spare(one of the founder of Chaos Magick). To do this, take a deep breath, put your consciousness in your third eye, breathe out, you will notice things change, you can see more subtle things like auras, etc, dont worry if this does not happen, but do not be alarmed about it if it does. Next you want to draw a circle of brilliant bright white light parallel to the ground at the level of your chest. Use your index finger and physically draw it, breathe out as you do so. Do this 3 times. Do the same again but make the circle vertical and down the middle of your body. Do the same again but making the circle vetical but side-to-side this time. You then need to manifest an elemental force to proactively protect yourself; I cannot explain how to do this publicly as it has a potential for misuse, if you can contact me I can explain it to you(details below).

2. To permanently stop this long-term, you must receive empowerment of Dorje Shugden, and recite his mantra daily or 100000 times until you gain experience with it. This will be of a big help to you and can put a final end to these kind of problems.

@Marek Rozenberg-Holszanski, I am a master programmer and can teach you to code. Dorje Shugden always answers prayers. If the situation you described with the person owing you the money, if you have paper with the amount on it, or any written record(email/text) that she owes it to you, then you can take the matter to a court; even if not, you can get your possessions back this way. In the UK this is cheap and can be done online, and is not intimidating. IF she owns property of any kind, it is reasonably assured you can get your money back. Do not delay after you have received a county court order to contact a high-court enforcement company, as they will compel payment and are very successful. I have very similar problems to you with my home, weight, etc, pray for me. Make sure to practice Dharma every day even 5 minutes, regardless of circumstance.

If you want to contact me, you can through capricorn astrology software and use the contact page.

If you find my advice helpful, please pray that the Three Jewels will forgive me for my mistakes.

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