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Buddhist monks said praying and chanting the mantras will not help you to get help from Buddha. Only by following his teaching will make...

Buddhist monks said praying and chanting the mantras will not help you to get help from Buddha. Only by following his teaching will make u comfortable. How will it help by praying n chanting Dorje Shugden mantras? Both are Buddhism. Even Buddha cannot help how can DS help? I am really confuse.

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    Dear Vincent,

    Thank you for your question. Mantras are actually the energies of the enlightened beings in the form of sound. Therefore reciting mantras taps into the sounds that embody the essence of the Buddhas and doing so allows their enlightened energies to permeate our bodies and our lives, bringing us benefit.

    On an outer level, reciting mantras can help clear obstacles, grant protection, increase our outer wealth, etc. This is because the mantras allow the energies of the Buddhas to come into our lives. As the Buddhas are compassionate, reciting mantras can help solve our outer problems.

    On an inner level, when the energies of mantras permeate our bodies, we can develop certain qualities necessary on the spiritual path. For example the mantra of Chenrezig helps to develop compassion and the mantra of Manjushri helps develop wisdom, both of which are necessary to attain complete enlightenment.

    Though mantras do have power to be beneficial, the more we practice the Buddhas teachings of transforming ourselves for the better, we will see that the effects of reciting mantras will also increase. This is due to the purification of negative karma.

    We are all born with negative karma. That is simply a fact of being in samsara or cyclic existence. Our negative karma is what stops us from not only reaching enlightenment but also from benefiting from the compassionate energies of the Buddhas. Our negative karma acts as a barrier for the blessings of the Buddhas, to achieve their same enlightened state. Therefore, even though we gain benefit from reciting their mantras, we would gain even more benefit when we have less negative karma.

    The methods to purify negative karma and ultimately be liberated from karma and cyclic existence, are what the Buddha taught. This is basically a compassionate transformation of the mind and ultimately understanding the true nature of reality. I would say, from my own personal experience that both the recitation of mantras and practicing the Buddhist teachings are something that goes hand in hand.

    You mentioned that the Buddha cannot help us, but I don’t find this statement accurate. The Buddha did help us, because he taught the methods to be liberated from our suffering. As a fully enlightened being, he definitely has the ability to aid us on our spiritual path, however it is our own negative karma that stops this from happening. That is why purification practices are stressed in Tibetan Buddhism, together with refraining from committing negative acts and encouraging us to perform positive acts instead.

    This purification of negative karma is a part of many different deity practices. For example the 35 Confessional Buddhas ( Another example would be of the Kawang prayer to Dorje Shugden which helps to purify our negative karma as well (

    I hope this helps to clarify your question. In addition to this, you can read more about the collected mantras of Dorje Shugden here: (

    Thank you.

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