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what is the DS`s puja

what is the DS`s puja

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    Dear Tugsuu,

    Thank you for your question. A puja is the act of worshiping or propitiating a deity, through invocation, making offerings, and prayers, usually in a ritualistic manner. By doing so you engage your whole being to invoke upon the energies of the enlightened deity to bless you or the person the puja is dedicated to, for a specific reason. For example the Medicine Buddha puja is usually engaged in to help those who are ill overcome their illness. Dorje Shugden’s puja is engaged in to clear obstacles in both ones secular and spiritual lives, and create conducive conditions for spiritual practice.

    The full Dorje Shugden puja is usually engaged in once a month, however there is a daily practice available here: The daily practice is in essence a shorter daily version of the puja. If engaged in daily it creates a very strong connection to Dorje Shugden and his enlightened energies, which definitely bring a benefit to your life. I hope this helps. Thank you.

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