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Hi. I’m very new to D.S. mantras and prayers. I’m not new to practice that opened me up the way I cannot deal with...

Hi. I’m very new to D.S. mantras and prayers. I’m not new to practice that opened me up the way I cannot deal with nasty energies mentally. I’m dealing with the size of anger, jealousy, control, nastiness, being very in a bad way judgmental, envy, that I didn’t know ever existed. And I don’t want to hear that I must learn to control my reactions. I can’t. I basically can’t. What the moment arrives I can’t stop it. I’m ruining my life, my relationships. Interesting enough that I have those emotions to my partner! Perhaps because no-one else is this close?
And actualy, why can I tolerate something in my friend bit cannot in my partner or his friends?
What kind of Karma is that? What am I dealing with?
A friend recomended D.S practice. But what do I ask for? How do set up an intention? And what actualy Om Vajra Wiki Witrana Soha means?
Sorry if I sound ridiculous and should just read up the internet..

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    August 5, 2018 #1 Author

    Hello Neeks,

    Thank you for your question. In Buddhism we believe that we all have such emotional tendencies and that we react in different ways to different people in various situations. This is mirrored in secular psychology. However in Buddhism we have very effective methods to overcome these tendencies so that we can get along with people and have a better control over our own emotions. When people tell us we need to control our tendencies, this is easier said than done and most of the time we think that we cannot because it is just too hard. But stopping these tendencies takes time and practice, because they are so ingrained into our minds.

    In Buddhism, this is achieved through meditation of which there are many forms. But luckily, the practice of Dorje Shugden not only calls upon his energies to transforms our lives but is itself a form of meditation. As for what karma you are dealing with, actually you shouldn’t view it as what kind of karma that you are dealing with, but that you are in fact just dealing with karma. According to Buddhist philosophy we have all had countless previous rebirths and the actions we took in those lives affects us now because they have become tendencies. So these tendencies are a manifestation of our karma. That is why Buddhism places strong emphasis on controlling our body, speech and mind, so that we can overcome these tendencies and not let them affect our future.

    Dorje Shugden’s practice is perfect for this. You can begin the practice by reciting the short prayer here: And then recite as many mantras as possible. There is an explanation of the meaning of the mantra and the visualization here: You use the recitation of the mantra and the visualization as the object of your meditation. You may find this hard to do at first, but over time with consistent practice, you will see that your mind will start to become calmer and you are able to handle whatever life throws at you in a more balanced way. What’s more, creating a connection with Dorje Shugden will help to make your life obstacle free as that is one of the benefits of his practice.

    When most people engage in his practice, they want something or ask for something, like the clearing of obstacles, etc. But what you are after is something more higher, it is the ability to control your mind from negative emotions so that your life can improve, which is a very good intention to have. You can just say to yourself “through this practice may I be able to control my thoughts and disturbing emotions be lessened” before you begin the practice. This will be a very good way to set the intention or motivation when engaging in the practice. I hope this helps. Thank you.

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