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    I have just started to do Dorje Shugden practices around 3 weeks ago after I had some paranormal incidents happening around my house. I came across the practice of Dorje Shugden and read online that through the practice, I am able to receive help.

    Since then, I have been doing Dorje Shudgen mantras daily together with the black tea offering and kawang. However, what is unusual is that instead of having these paranormal activities lessening and decreasing, it is increasing and the attacks are getting more violent. In recent times, my family members will wake up with bruises on their bodies and that I will not be able to sleep at night. Every single time when I am about to fall asleep, I will feel as though I am being choked.

    What should I do and should I still continue with my practices? Please help.

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    Vinnie Tan

    Dear Natasha,

    I am so glad that you have shared your story here with us. I hope that you are still continuing with your practices and not stopped them due to the additional disturbances that you have received.

    I remember that Rinpoche once explained to us that when we are doing practices that are beneficial to us, and that when these negative entities want to stop us from the practice, they will create more trouble that will create doubts to our minds about the practices. The main reason is that they hope to stop us from the practice when they create these troubles for us. When such situations happen, it is usually because that they know that this is the last chance that they can grab hold of us before we break the connection that we previously had with them for them to not be able to harm us or our loved ones any more.

    I will like to ask you to not stop your practices no matter what happens, as through the practices it will only help you to further improve the situation of what is happening instead of having more problems in the future. Dorje Shugden can help you in miraculous ways, I do hope that this is able to help you.

    What you can also do is to increase the number of mantras that you are doing daily and also to repeat the kawang practice for a few more times. You can also do Trakze mantras to help with the problem that you are having. Trakze practices can help us with the dispelling of black magic and also spirit disturbances.

    Dorje Shugden Trakze to Dispel Black Magic & Spirits

    Do keep us updated!

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    Dear Natasha,

    I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re facing but relief that you have managed to find this website for some spiritual help.

    Dorje Shugden’s protection is undoubtedly very powerful. H.E. Tsem Rinpoche have a student who hosts a Paranormal series called The Paranormal Zone. Due to the nature of her job, which is to go out into the unknown seeking for paranormal events, she relies fully on Dorje Shugden’s protection so that no paranormal entity can harm or follow her back home.

    However, every paranormal event is unique, and none are really quite the same. Just like what Vinnie have pointed out, there are instances where the entity becomes more violent when mantras are recited as a way to retaliate and scare you to stop your activities. On the other hand, more information about the case is needed. For example, how long have you been experiencing this problem in your house? The longer it have been there, the more difficult it is to rid of this entity. Do provide more details about the paranormal event.

    On top of chanting the mantras and doing serkym and kawang, you can also print out Dorje Shugden Trakze’s image and place it in a respectful place in your house, or areas where you feel most disturbed in your house. You can also increase the repetitions of mantras (example 3 malas or 10 malas) and make sure you chant the mantras out loud (not at the top of your lungs, but enough for yourself to hear your voice), rather than in silence. You may also want to try to obtain some Protector Rice which can be burnt with incense to purify your house, and also some protection talisman for you and your family members to wear (such as protector knots or string).

    Do keep us updated. Wishing you the best.

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    Thank you Vinnie and Sarah for your advices.

    Sarah, to answer your question, I have been having paranormal activities going on my house for about 4-5 years. But the past year, the attacks are getting stronger where by knifes will go missing for a moment then the next it will all be stabbed into the counter top. Or even having the feeling of a physical person lying beside us when we sleep or reaching out to us when we are asleep/falling asleep.

    I understand what the both of you mean and I will continue with the practice. I just hope that this will be over soon as my family will wake up with cuts and scratches on them these days.

    Yes, I think I will soon purchase some tailsman for protection as well.

    At the mean time, I have already printed both Dorje Shugden image and also Trakze image and framed them up. However, whenever I wake up the next day or when I come back from work, the frame will be on the floor all broken. But I am still placing it in a place that is more open to the rest of the house.

    I really hope through the practice I am able to get help and not have these disturbances anymore.

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    Oh, dear, this sounds like an experience I had shortly after starting the Dorje Shugden practice. Though I can’t say that I experience spirit disturbances, I’ve had my share of scary moments. I just had uneasy feelings around the house at night, there would be weird movements caught out of the corner of my eyes, shadows seen under the tree in the garden and now and then my old dog would howl in the dark.

    Well, something happened shortly after I started to offer tea in a lama cup on my little altar, and having the Guru Tree print framed and placed on my altar. Well my altar is in the foyer and does not have any draught in the space. One day, the Guru Tree frame toppled over and know over the Chenrezig statue that I had on my altar before I connected with Lord Setrap and Dorje Shugden. At the same time, it knocked over the porcelain lama cup and the glass teacups that were used for water offerings.

    Well, the statue was smashed. The porcelain lama cup fell on the marble floor but was intact. The glass offering glass fell on the plush carpet at the foot of the altar and was smashed into smithereens. I just thought it weird that what fell on the hard floor should smash and what fell on the carpet should be safe. But, instead it was the other way around.

    Till this day, I would like to think that it was a tussle that had energy that needed to dissipate. But whatever it was, things have been relatively smooth. I no longer fear dark corners in the house or weird sounds around the house anymore as there are no more weird sounds that cannot be explained and my old dog stopped howling at night.

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