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    I was wondering if I can do a mantra retreat. I do not have a guru yet, nor a center close by to seek advice. Well not one that practices Dorje Shugden.

    Is it possible do with our a teachers blessings?

    Can I just specify an amount I wish to achieve?

    Does it have to have timeframe for it to be counted?

    My schedule is quite packed, is it possible to do it in between my break timing or can I doing while I drive? Can that be counted part of the mantra retreat count?

    Can someone advise?

    Thank you

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    Dear Kyle,

    To answer your questions, it is possible to do the mantra retreat without a teacher’s blessing. This will mean that you will have to come up with the number/goal of mantras to finish within a specific time frame. An example is that you want to do a weekend retreat, so since the timing is already fixed, have a fix number of mantras that you will like to complete during that period of time. When we are doing this, we have to keep in mind that the target is something realistic and we do not have to rush through our mantras in order to hit the target.

    On a side note, while we drive we can do our mantras as well as an additional practice to our sadhana (daily prayers). However, this is not part of the mantra retreat. For a retreat we have to be seating at a same place and have some things prepared for the engaging of the retreat. Please see the below link for more information about retreats.


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