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    Hi all, i’ll get the ball rolling here. I’m a student of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche since 2007, and my journey with Rinpoche has been pretty remarkable if i do say so myself. I met Rinpoche at a book club (we were discussing the book Dragon Thunder by Diana Mukpo). Funnily enough, the topic of that book kind of represents my journey with Rinpoche, in the crazy wisdom sense. Like, there can be a spiritual lesson in just about anything.

    Anyway, I’m one of the moderators of this discussion group. I’ve also been practising Dorje Shugden for almost 9 years now. And I welcome everyone to this website, hope you guys like it.

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    Thank you Beng Kooi for sharing your story. I totally agree with you about what is said that anything can be a spiritual lesson for us to learn and work with. It is a journey that we can learn and improve ourselves from.

    Rinpoche’s teachings are always applicable to us at any point in time where anything can be a lesson in life for us. To think about it, it is actually very true as Buddha has taught us Buddhism that is very easy for us to apply in any aspect in our lives and something that is meant for us to practice on daily no matter what happens.

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