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    Jeffry William

    There are lot of Dharma Protectors according to Tibetan Buddhism. What is the difference between lower Dharma Protector and higher Dharma Protector? I am not sure whether higher or lower is the correct term to define it but in this case I mean the difference between Palden Lhamo and Dorje Shugden for example.

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    Valentina Suhendra

    Dear Jeffry

    In general, there are two types of Dharma protectors, enlightened and unenlightened Dharma protectors. Enlightened Dharma protectors are usually the emanation of enlightened Buddha. For example, Dorje Shugden is the emanation of Buddha of Wisdom Manjushri, Palden Lhamo is the emanation of Buddha of knowledge, arts and music, Saraswati, and Mahakala is the emanation of Buddha of Compassion Chenrezig or Avalokiteshvara. Unenlightened Dharma protectors are usually spirits that have been bound by their vows to an enlightened being. Nechung is a good example of an unenlightened protectors that have been subdued by Guru Rinpoche, another example of an unenlightened Dharma protector is Methar who was subdued by Serkong Dorje Chang.

    The difference between enlightened and unenlightened Dharma protector is you can take refuge in enlightened Dharma protector, but you cannot take refuge in unenlightened Dharma protector. If one takes refuge in unenlightened Dharma protector, his/ her practice will degenerate.

    The function of Dharma protectors is to help sentient beings who have a karmic affinity with them so they can focus on their spiritual practice. In addition, they also have specific functions. For example, Dorje Shugden is as the protector of Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings, and Palden Lhamo is known as the protector of the Dalai Lama lineage.

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    Thank you

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