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    Cittamani Tara painted by Lama Yeshe!

    Cittamani Tara painted by Lama Yeshe

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    Very beautiful painting. She looks very much like Green Tara. Iconographically, how can we distinguish Cittamani Tara from Green Tara? Thanks!

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      I believe the image of Tara is similar, both Tara and Cittamani Tara. But the practice by itself is different. Commonly Tara tantra belong to Kriya Tantra, which is lower tantra; but Cittamani Tara is an Anuttarayoga Tantra, which is higher tantra. Tsem Rinpoche have written extensively about Cittamani Tara here (http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/buddhas-dharma/cittamani-tara.html). If you haven’t receive the initiation, please do not read the commentary. However, you can read the introduction and history of her practice.

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    Abstract rendition of the powerful Tantric Buddha Mother Vajrayogini. Painted by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche

    tsem rinpoche's abstract vajrayogini

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    This is a very different kind of Manjushri drawing which I have not seen before. I like this style of drawing. It reminds me of the RPG games which I played when I grow up. It is full of energy and wisdom.

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      Vinnie Tan

      Thank you Lew for sharing this. It is incredible! It is really pretty. I just love the whole look to it.

      Yes, at the first glance of it, the image actually reminds me of computer games that I have played when I was younger. This is ust such a great image. Thank you for sharing!

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    That Manjushri is neat. Here’s another Buddha pic that looks like it is straight out of a video game. Pretty cool.

    3d rendering buddha

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    Very nice!!!!! beautiful Arts! Thanks for sharing… :)

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    I just came across this beautiful piece of Manjushri posted on Facebook. He is just stunning. I love it!


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    These are some pictures of the deities that are not the standard images we see on religious websites. Are they acceptable as images for the altar or are they just beautiful art? Like the case of the standing Manjushri, there is the flaming sword in the right hand, and the dharma text in the left. Other than that, I’m sure about the iconography of the standing Manjushri.

    Any words of wisdom?

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    Valentina Suhendra

    Dear Fong

    Thank you for your comment. Any Buddha picture as long as it is iconographically correct, then it is fine and can be the object of worship. According to Praise to Manjushri (long) the followings are the iconography of the deity – standing or sitting (you can find the text in this link http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/buddhas-dharma/all-about-manjushri.html):

    Your eyebrows, black and curving,
    soft, beautiful, so elegantly long,
    each hair the exact same length,
    eyelashes thick, soft, each separate hair
    beautifully formed like those of the leading bull.

    A circle of perfect hair as white as the water lily,
    conch-like curling to the right, as well formed as the lotus root,
    beautiful between the eyebrows like a drop of pure silver.

    Eyes long and curving like blue utpala petals,
    white beautifully defined like bright lotus petals.

    Nose set high, uniformly shaped,
    lips as red as the bimba fruit,
    forty pure white teeth, well-set, of equal size,
    cheeks fully rounded like those of a lion.

    Smooth, slender tongue enclosed
    by the mandala of your face,
    enjoying only the bet tastes.

    Ears endowed with long well-formed lobes,
    adorned by ornaments jeweled and precious.

    Perfectly formed neck
    graced by dazzling jeweled garlands,
    fully fleshed, no vein protruding,
    as beautiful as that of a golden vase.

    Calves, forearms, shoulder blades, upper back
    all fully fleshed and uniform in their symmetry,
    a torso like that of a lion, a chest as broad as Meru.

    Delightfully curved shoulders, their beautiful arms
    long and low as the royal elephant’s trunk.

    Fingers and toes beautifully webbed
    like those of the royal swan.

    Fingers, long, full soft, and young,
    tipped by a row of glistening red nails
    like slender shoots upon the celestial wish-fulfilling tree.

    Golden wheels, each of a thousand spokes,
    grace the soles of your feet, the palms of your hands,
    so clear, so perfect, each spoke well defined,
    works of art in relief like the matrix of a seal.

    Your right arm, adorned with bracelets and armbands,
    brandishing a blazing sword to cut to the root
    the treelike creeper of clinging ignorance.

    In your left hand a blue utpala stem at your heart,
    petals cradling the supreme scripture that teaches with clarity
    paths of dependent arising, sole gateway to freedom.

    From your waist, streamers flow fine and silken,
    dyed in a million colors, tied about with golden sash,
    from each the tinkling sounds of a string of bells,

    As with the king of horses your sexual organ hidden,
    your bodily hair, soft and fine, each perfect strand
    coiling to the right, reaching upward.

    Fine calves, rounded, tapering beautifully into slenderness,
    no protrusion upon your ankle joint,
    soles flattened smooth like the underside of a turtle shell,
    heel quarters heightened, their back broad.

    Within a six-petal lotus at its orange heart,
    upon a moon-disc throne, a perfect circle,
    your feet, adorned by tinkling bracelets,
    rest in lotus pose.

    Hopefully, the above explanation is useful for you Fong.


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    Does anyone have any recommendation where I can buy buddhist paintings or statues online?

    Thank you

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    Valentina Suhendra

    Dear Beatrix

    You can get good quality Buddhist paintings/ statues online in http://www.vajrasecrets.com our online store.


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