Setting Up A Tibetan Buddhist Altar

Setting Up A Tibetan Buddhist Altar Hot

Practice March 20, 2016 27 12,959

For Buddhists, the altar forms the focal point of their practice. A Buddhist altar is used by the practitioner to purify negative karma, and to generate merits which will create the causes for us to have conducive conditions in order to further our spiritual practice.

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Video: How To Set Up A Tibetan Buddhist Altar

This introductory video is a guide to setting up various types of altars according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, from the simplest to the most extensive.

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Food Offering Prayers to Dorje Shugden

The offering of food is common throughout the Buddhist world. Just as food nourishes us, the offering of food creates the causes for spiritual nourishment. In the monastic setting, all meals are offered either to the Gurus, the meditational deities or to the Dharma Protectors.

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Torma Offering Prayers to Dorje Shugden

Tormas are food offerings in the form of ritual cakes. The offering of tormas generates the merits to not only receive the resources we need for successful spiritual practice but also to gain higher attainments, especially those related to Tantra.

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Kawang Confessional Prayers to Dorje Shugden

The Kawang is a powerful confessional prayer that purifies negative karma that has accumulated from countless previous lifetimes. If this karma is not purified, it can manifest as obstacles to our Dharma practice and can hinder our spiritual progress.

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